<![CDATA[My Site - Blog]]>Tue, 02 Feb 2016 13:51:33 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[You need experts for constructing efficient cold rooms]]>Wed, 30 Dec 2015 11:28:52 GMThttp://coldroompanels.weebly.com/blog/cold-room-panels-manufacturersCold rooms are highly important in today’s world. A variety of industries needs good quality cold storage facilities to store raw material and finished products safe and fresh. Construction of cold room is a complex subject, and you need expert consultants who know the crux of it. A Cold Room Panels Manufacturers like Isoflex has to be contacted for quality stuff to construct efficient and good quality storage warehouse.
Nowadays, we have new-age material that is lightweight, thermal resistant and economical. It can be used for constructing a single story and multi-story buildings. It removes the need of constructing the heavy foundation, lightweight framework.
Structure of cold storage
Typically, a cold storage is easy to design because there are o complexities of architecture and aesthetics. The walls are straight, and the building is in a cubical form. However, thermal efficiency is the most difficult aspect that needs the maximum efforts and expertise. There are specialized items like cold room panels, insulating material and special doors and windows that minimize the thermal radiation; that make a storage house ideal. When you order cold room panels from reliable Cold Room Panels Manufacturers or vendors, it is important that the stuff is well-known for quality and reliability. Any loss of heat causes additional operating costs.
There are specifications and guidelines for cold store construction that are followed by architectures during the design step. Not only thermal efficiency but leakage, humidity, and pest control are also equally important. Especially, warehouses that store highly perishable items like meat, poultry or fish are supposed to follow the international food safety guidelines while constructing warehouses.
Types of cold storages
There are several types of cold storage constructions worldwide. They differ in some aspects with each other, and the application type decides what type of construction to choose?
  • Unit cooler store: In these stores, unit coolers are installed at the specific distance that brings a good flow of air in the limited area. It is one of the cheapest construction methods. The refrigerating needs are limited and it is easy to defrost the system. However, cooling is not uniform in all areas because external factors affect the cooling quality. It can be controlled by installing cooler a little below the roof. Sometimes, it is managed by installing the unit cooler outside the store.
  • Prefabricated Cold Stores: Prefabricated panels and structural components are available to erect the storage by least efforts.
Give the specifications to Cold Room Panels Manufacturers like Isoflex so that you get the right stuff. Cold rooms are the necessity of modern industrial and commodity market.


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